Grow rich experience in the Netherlands experts on site guidance, with the international advanced agricultural planting management consulting firm to achieve strategic cooperation, by domestic experts, professors, close cooperation in agricultural colleges, form a powerful team of experts, to ensure the quality of tivoli agricultural products.
Tivoli agriculture intelligent greenhouse planting 10 high quality tomato cultivars, will according to the variety of climate adaptability, yield, quality, taste, shape and screen out the most conforms to the Chinese market and consumers washed tomato varieties.
Cherry tomatoes (sweet taste, suitable for snacks and salads)
Multi-purpose tomato (medium hardness, sweet and sour taste, suitable for various cooking dishes)
Beef tomato (hard, storable, sliced and cooked)
Intelligent glass greenhouse tomato area yield 6 ~ 8 times that of traditional planting area yield, daqing tivoli modern agriculture industrial park intelligent greenhouse is expected to reach large fruit tomato yield of 80 kg/square meters.
Through intelligent control technology, we can create the best environment for plant growth, reduce the interference of natural environment, and ensure the quality safety and sustainable supply of products.

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