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Beijing tivoli international agricultural science and technology co., LTD., the introduction of international advanced modern greenhouse intelligent building technology and production equipment, hire the world's top science management of planting, planting expert team all tache strictly implement GLOBAL G.A.P operation regulation of the European Union, the world's leading inspection institutions designated - SGS as a third party independent inspection agencies, to ensure product purity, safety and traceability. Hongfu agriculture will focus on building a whole new system of agricultural production with high yield, high efficiency, low consumption, high quality and safety.
The town of pang of daxing district, north to east zhao road, south to the north of the north village, west to cao village road, east to rural road.
Project planning:
The project covers an area of 850,000 square meters, with an estimated total investment of 1.5 billion yuan.
With a greenhouse area of 50,000 square meters and a technical operation area of 6km, it has invested 230 million yuan.
It will be the largest tomato plant in Asia.
Functional positioning:
A social service system integrating modern agriculture with high efficiency and precision cultivation, science and technology training, information service network, warehousing and logistics system, and professional testing.
High production and efficiency
Intelligent environment control system is adopted to perfect the intelligent control software and precise sensor, and monitor the greenhouse production environment and plant information in real time to create the best environment for plant growth. Industrialized operation system, reference mechanization production management, automation transportation, sorting, Internet of things technology, to achieve the efficient allocation of personnel and resources, traditional greenhouse production reaches 6 to 8 times.
Low consumption of ecological
The rainwater recycling system and efficient irrigation technology are adopted to manage the water fertilizer accurately according to the requirements of the plant growth stage, and realize the water-saving 75%. Using natural gas heating system, the carbon dioxide purification process produced by combustion can be used for plant growth to achieve zero CO2 emission.
High quality safety
Strictly on tomato varieties, planting process strictly enforce GlobalG. A.P. eu standards, product testing SGS provide double insurance, security traces the agricultural production process, cooperate with biological control technology, to create conducive to the development of plant diseases and insect pests of plant growth, is not conducive to ecological environment and ensure the safety of the product purity.
Product channels
The agreement was reached with LEVARHT, the Netherlands' 84-year-old international sourcing company for agricultural products. Honey tomato is sold in eastern Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore. We will gradually start to cultivate the domestic market, and initially plan to implement the "membership system" in China, so that we can quickly accept our pure food through popular science and taste.
Strong support
SGS: SGS is the world's leading testing, certification, testing and certification body, and is recognized as a global benchmark for quality and integrity. SGS will conduct long-term and independent food inspection for our products.
Global G.A.P. certification, also known as Global good agricultural operation certification, is established as a major reference for good agricultural practices in the Global market.
Dutch, flourishing seeds (China) co., LTD., the Netherlands, flourishing seedlings group company with its strong scientific research strength and high quality products and services in the world in vegetable breeding industry enjoys a good reputation. The company provides quality seed resources for hongfu.

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