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Recently, the farmers' daily reported tivoli agriculture "tivoli tomatoes, a tent out of 180000" is known as "the strongest technology", parsing the tivoli to integrate with the international advanced facilities agriculture, agricultural development pace. Earlier, xinhua news agency, Beijing, sina news, QianLongWang, Beijing evening news, Beijing daily, China's agricultural news, the first to tivoli daxing agricultural industry park of agricultural network security pure tomato products for the professional report.
"Hongfu tomato, a canopy of 180,000 trees"
Sun Weifu
Farmer's daily 04
February 21, 2017.
From a remote village in northern Beijing, out of the famous tivoli group with housing, pension property hatch, science and technology, culture, education, and other industrial sectors, in recent years, and to a large modern agriculture - intelligent greenhouse tomato planting in the world's leading way. The greenhouse is located in the town of pang, which is located in daxing district of Beijing. It has an area of 50,000 square meters and a size of 75 mu. It is the largest agricultural production intelligent greenhouse in Asia.
On February 15, the reporter at the inlet and protective coat, fasten shoe covers, antiseptic liquid clean hands, in turn, on three disinfection pool, then through the sorting packaging hall, 6000 square meters to enter just the side of the road to see the monster - 180000, 10 high quality varieties of greenhouse tomato tree inside, close to see the big lineup tivoli tomatoes.
304 metres longitudinal and transverse 163 meters high, 7.5 meters, the ground spread our reflective film, ridge line between PuJia double heating pipe, corrugated roof completely transparent vast greenhouses, spring-like warm hot pungent like summer everywhere; A built-in electromagnetic induction in line, walk the driverless car cement road, on both sides of the cross sections and the endless green, layers of emerald green, home is just 70 days, but has grown to more than 2 meters high, start uniform results of 180000 tivoli tomatoes.
Pointing to the coconut chaff substrate groove on every two engraftment rock wool inside the bowl with a nutritional dropper tomato water line frame, tivoli international agricultural science and technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as tivoli agriculture), general manager of zhao-yang li said, inside and outside the greenhouse, hardware, software, all from the Dutch facility agriculture is famous all over the world. Greenhouse running all adopt intelligent environment control technology, the real-time dynamic monitoring of the production environment and plant growth information, required for plant growth are both water and humid light by the master control computer analysis, is a veritable factory intelligent agricultural production workshop, to ensure that the tomato production completely according to the European food standards, safe and pure quality must be achieved.
What are the technological means to attach to such a tomato? Tivoli agricultural technical personnel said mainly includes seven system, respectively is "computer control system, the integration of water system, the carbon dioxide recycle system, outside the greenhouse roof automatic cleaning system, double sunshade curtain automatic adjustment system, automatic spray cooling system, circulation fan control system", and connect the front end of the system is in greenhouse of various sensors, the terminal is a computer control rooms. In addition, there are soilless cultivation, drone pollination, yellow plate insecticide, such as the physical basis of ultraviolet disinfection technology, walking and lifting rig, unmanned electromagnetic rail cars and other production equipment.
"Here a tomato can continuous production fruit 10 months, up to 20 kg, 6 to 8 times the production of the traditional greenhouse, managing the whole greenhouse at least 25 workers will finish, is worthy of the name of high technology, high investment, high yield, high quality, high benefit modern agriculture pattern." More than a year ago by tivoli group chairman of the board Huang Fu water, of his shoulder tivoli agricultural create zhao-yang li also told reporters that tivoli agriculture to produce high quality tomato aims to be Asia's largest providers and facilities agriculture leading, built in the greenhouse, now is just a start to find more important is to form a new industry in the future, by absorbing the innovation to promote the localization of the software and hardware level, in Beijing's daxing district, heilongjiang daqing city building more of the same type of greenhouse, meet the demand of domestic mass of pure tomato consumption.

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