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In the cold winter, do you hesitate for leisure time?
Are you worried about food safety?
In order to let you have a thorough understanding of the international top luxury tomato intelligent production environment, and safety production process, witness, natural, safe and delicious tomatoes tivoli persimmon is how to produce, tivoli modern agriculture industrial park of Beijing intelligent greenhouse area officially launched "intelligent greenhouse experiential visit gathering"! You can visit the "tomato forest" in this cold winter. Stroll in the comfort environment created by the intelligent greenhouse, feel the spring breeze!
Thanks to tivoli agriculture international first-class intelligent greenhouse management technology, spring-like seasons in greenhouse, 5 square meters large space, the rows of tomato trees stand on both sides, all-weather temperature 25 degrees, 60% humidity of the air, and the human body skin. Plant respiration releases a lot of oxygen, making the greenhouse the natural oxygen of leisure and entertainment in winter. Walk in the tomato forest, with red and green, glittering and translucent get rid of the string of tomato in the sun, the Dutch bumblebees in tomato flower dance humming hover between the ears, definitely bring you a new experience.
On January 20, 2018, the first to participate in the "intelligent greenhouse experiential tour" customers on a luxury bus, arrived at 9:30 to tivoli modern agricultural industrial park (panggezhuang park) intelligent greenhouse area, compared with the outdoor dry wind, warm in intelligent greenhouse, ear to ear delicate and charming tivoli persimmon fruit hanging on the seedling stem, as if to welcome the arrival of the.
Before entering the planting area, li chaoyang, chairman of Beijing hongfu agriculture, came to the scene to explain the characteristics, advantages and interests of the safety tomato of hongfu persimmon. When he talks about tivoli tomatoes is queen of fruits and vegetables, is the most precious gift god has given human, tivoli persimmon tomatoes grow in the process of the whole process without the use of chemical pesticides, do not use hormone, safe, delicious, natural, spontaneous rang with applauses customers! Yes, agricultural products are looking for loyal customers, and customers are looking for a safe, natural and healthy agricultural enterprise! Hongfu agriculture will not only bring high-quality tomatoes to our customers, but also be a safe food partner for our customers for a lifetime. We will always keep your food safe!

(the chairman of li chaoyang explained to the customers who came to visit the series tomato products of hongfu tomato series.)

(Mr. Henk, planting consultant, introduces customers to the planting situation in China)

(chairman li chaoyang recommends hongfu persimmon tomato varieties to customers)

(the customers who come to visit are using their mobile phones to take photos of hongfu persimmon tomato.)

(chairman li chaoyang explained to the customer about the coconut chaff substrate used in the cultivation of the tomato plant, to prevent the spread of pests and diseases)

(photography lovers make beautiful fruit.)

(the customers who come to visit are picking tomatoes.)

(there are no shortage of elderly people coming to visit.)

(the children come to visit "Mr. Tommy")

(enthusiastic hongfu agricultural staff invites children to take the Dutch import lift)
(customers full of acer persimmon)
The outdoor wind is cold, the haze is around, hongfu agriculture invites you to walk in this tomato forest, feel a different warm winter!

Participation method:
Scanning tivoli agricultural service qr code into the "tivoli experiential tour group of" agriculture, tivoli agricultural customer service staff will make an appointment for you the latest activity date, 30 people can send mass, take free luxurious bus to tivoli agricultural modern agriculture industrial park (panggezhuang zone); Or call the hongfu agriculture hotline 010-8920 4818 for a visit.
(this activity should be reserved in advance. Every Saturday and Sunday is an Open Day. Customers who come to visit on weekdays please call the hotline and contact the customer service staff in advance. We will make arrangements for your trip so as to avoid affecting the normal work in the production area.

Hongfu agriculture WeChat public number.                                                       Hongfu agricultural customer service.

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